Who We Are


Companies, NGOs, public organizations and trade associations, among others, need permanent relationships with all of the interest groups that make up their internal and external environment.


1. Information management and systematization
2. Stakeholder identification, analysis and management
3. Strategic advising


  • Sustainable Strategies for Competitiveness

Climate change has generated a new competitive environment at the global and national levels: consumers are demanding new characteristics in goods and services; governments are introducing new regulations; there is demand for new products; and real and virtual communities are demanding new kinds of relationships and behaviors from companies.

Sustentank conducts evaluations and audits of sustainable competitiveness for companies and business associations, identifying commercial risks and opportunities that arise for companies and their value propositions in this new environment.

Based on this information, Sustentank develops a strategic sustainability plan for our client, which includes short, medium and long term actions that allow the company to anticipate or mitigate risks and take opportunities that climate change presents.

  • Sustainable Local Development

Climate change has generated a new environment for local development at the global and national levels. Citizens have begun to demand new urban planning solutions, rejecting productive development “in their backyards”; companies need to establish long-term relationships with their communities that assure stability for productive development and provide the human capital they need to compete.

In the context of a globalized world, countries’ development will be marked by the ability of their cities to attract talent. The city of the future, which citizens are already beginning to demand, is a sustainable city.

Envisioning, designing and sharing the future twenty, thirty or forty years from now are tasks that should be shared by all of the most relevant actors in a community.

Accordingly, Sustentank promotes the development of projects through Public-Private Partnerships that allow for joint construction of the sustainable communities of the future.

  • Sustainable Corporate Relationships

. Sustainable stakeholder analysis and management
. Sustainable corporate responsibility
. Evaluations of relationships with interested parties and sustainability

  • Knowledge transfer to Latin America around institutional development and public policies related to: clean energy, tourism and local development.
  • Legal advising on process improvements.
  • Process engineering in the public and private sectors.


Our team of professionals is recognized for its expertise in the field of sustainability. We believe that public and private organizations can contribute to meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future ones. Accordingly, we promote projects that favor sustainable local and global development.

In this area, we offer advising on the design and execution of projects that promote the sustainable development of cities and communities. We contribute to the design and execution of local productive development initiatives, incorporating into them elements of environmental, economic and social sustainability. Our team helps establish bridges with diverse actors, both public and private, to facilitate the implementation of the initiative, incorporating technical excellence, social legitimacy and continuous analysis of the viability of the projects our clients wish to implement.


In this area, some of the activities we conduct are:

1. Identification, analysis and management of stakeholders for projects that require regulatory processes, transparency and other methods of validation and evaluation.
2. Educational projects in the field of sustainability.
3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Plans, ideas, actions and operational logistics. Sustainability Reports that meet national and international standards.
4. Clean energy: Promotion of initiatives that support the efficient use of energy and the use of non-conventional renewable energy.
5. Preparation of integral strategies for the development of sectoral and cluster tourism: Gap analyses for the development of tourism activities; training in tourism management and destination development; advising on compliance with tourism norms; generation of mitigation measures for projects with impacts on tourism and landscapes; support for tourism investors.
6. Receipt of investments in Chile, or transfer of investments from Chile abroad: complete regulatory advising and continuous follow-up.


We work with clients on best practices for overcoming any crisis situation. Work in this area includes:

  • Contingency planning;
  • Preparation of specific and adequate spokespersons at every level of organizational and company management;
  • Internal and external communication;
  • Forecasting of crisis scenarios to minimize risks;
  • Protection of corporate reputation.
  • Training Programs for Executives and Leaders in every sector. Coaching on media, skills development, communication, teamwork and conflict resolution.
  • Monitoring and analysis of impacts of contingency plans.
  • Creation of preventative procedure manuals.


The rapid amplification of messages carries the risk of affecting the reputations of companies, people and organizations.

For this reason, Sustentank works on specific programs to reinforce corporate and institutional reputations, and to manage the changing or challenging contexts that our clients may face.

In addition, we measure reputational indices using methodologies proven at the international level, as well as our deep knowledge of local, regional and international markets.


Sustentank views communication, a pillar of development, as strategic for achieving our clients’ objectives. Our teams create, develop, implement and measure results, applying a wide variety of communication tools and covering all kinds of media outlets and audiences.

In accordance with our clients’ plans, we design messages and develop the appropriate communication channels in order to produce the desired impact, applying a 360 vision and constant monitoring of communication activities.

Press, public relations, digital universe, content creation and management for social networks, and programs for reaching target audiences are some of the resources we offer.

We also create events that help communicate our clients’ projects to internal and external audiences. We organize launch events, press conferences, market studies, advertisements, presentations, seminars, and one-on-one meetings, among other tools.

We produce: Support material | House organs | Intranets | Internal communication | Manuals